Saturday, 28 May 2011

i thought that you're my BESTFRIEND...but you're not..

this time i wanna talk about my best friend....i thought that you're my best friend..but you're betray me..i've said to you right...just shut up your muth and,,,don't disturb that person..but you keep watching him..honestly..i don't want to hate you....but you keep pushing me and you've made make me hate you absolutely..and congrats sweety stealer..'re stupid you know?? do you know that???  and...if you don't know..i wanna tell ya.. =P..that you're very stupid..and..i'm sorry for telling'm very sorry.. =P ..he's really  mean to can't let him're my best friend,,but you keep betray keep disappoint me...that mean that you're not my best friend anymore..I had been patient about your attitude that is hurts my feeling for a long time ago can control your brain...and..i'm sorry.. :'( really really make me hurt..and CONGRATS!!!...i'm sorry....


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

hey boy...i mean that...

hey...i really like you..really really like you..i don't want another else..i've told you..but..but..i hope you understand that...this is the truth...i l_k_ you..ofcourse you can guess that right?? please??? i really mean that..but...i really hope that you understand that...hahahah :(...please????  i'm sorry..if i did anything wrong to ya!! sorry....sorry...okay..why you didn't reply that...i have do I was doing something wrong?..please forgive me???


Sunday, 22 May 2011

'bout my stupid weekend boy.. =P

ahahahaha...wanna talk about my weekend boy...but...i mean,,my hours by?? my minutes boy??  my second boy?? idk?? bhahahaha.....he hurt's me..hahaha...but..i'm happy...haha..congrats..and...i want you to know i love you a little bit..but a lot...idk? which one...but..i hope you're not living me okay??  may be i'll miss to talk to you.. hahaha..and thing...i'm okay and good to know that you love me..but you're different..from the other boy..and..idk why??and...i know's okay///you're mean everything to me... it's true...and..thnx for not living me...hahahah...i'm're my second choice..i've been waitin' for one person that i like.. =P

       i know that i wasting my time for that and...i still wanna wait for ya!!...bahahha..and if i could write a show how you really mean to me...=P

that's're really really really mean for me!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

for the time..for the first edition...hahah..kidding...*about me*

about me!! bahahah...*wht i wanna talk???  *someone zip my mouth!! bahhahaha...okay..i'm a daughter of my mon and daddy.. =) and both of them are my father and mother...i love both of them...ehehe i like to listening music....*Justin Bieber,,,Selena Gomez..Demi Lovato...Joe Brooks..and more...actually...i'm a 14 years old...
i like to watch the nature.. =) *idk wht im sayin'...keep talkin' about my hobby..i like's my fav activities.. and..take a pic...*sometimes..but sometimes i hate camera..yeah..but my ..idk...
           my fav boy...urrmmm..i think you know but..he's cute boy..i like to call him 'cute''m bored!!! he's kind..i know him in facebook..i like to see his's cute.. =) okay.. done.. =)

           my fav friend... is....idk..heheheh...may be ...secret...

           *i'm sorry can't talk more about me.. =)  sorry.....


Thursday, 19 May 2011

bieber fever is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!;s good.. thnx Justin..

hahahah,..when talk about Justin Bieber!!!  everyone knows him right???  he's the most handsome boy inthe world!! yeeehhhhaaaa!!!!!!! i'm glad to know him!! as my brother!!!!  thnx god!! he's kind.. cute and also Selena Gomez!!! she's kind./. =) i love to know them!!! as my brother and sister!!!  both of then are my big brother and my big sister ever!! love both of them!!!!!!!

 here's Justin signature!!!!!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

you're my...

you're my sun...*'s truth...hope so..

you're my earth!!! *hehheeh...hope so baby...
you're my (extra) oxygen!!! *it's true..
you're my blood.. =) *always need ya!!!
and..i really don't want to lose ya!!!*it's true..hope so.. =)
           first ***1=  i love ya a lot!!!!!!!! 
                            second!! **2= i'll never llet you go baby.. =)

anyone home???????/ i don't think so...i have nobody at here...
bhuahhahaha....bored!!!!!!!!!   my mr.bored is coming...'welcome Mr.bored!!!!!!!!!!! '  wht are you looking for?? go away...don't make me bored!! it;s hurt!!!!!! say!! blah ya mrs.bored! i'm not your mrs bored!! hahah..wht i'm talking about?? i'm crazy?? yeah..a little bit...*it was because of you!!!!!!!  yeah there!!!!!!!!  =P 


hahahha...i know the tittle of my post is weird!! but i know..i hope you'll understand this post!! coz this post is for ya!! or  this is only a post!!!hahahha...i love your hair..when i see you hair i feel so're totally handsome.. =)  your smile..your eyes...owh..i hope you'll know that i like you.. =) it was awesome to know you as my friend idk?? may be?? i hope so..amazing...hahah..i like the way you smile..the way you was cute..and..i hope i have a super i can make you love me just like you make me love you.. =)
you know??? hahaha...i like you.. =P

nice to talk about you.. =) and now idk wwht i wanna talk...             

our dreams!!!

everyone had their own dream right??? it was awesome to had a big need to chase our dream and make it come true,, hahah...awesome...actually i'm bored at here...i really miss you boy...i hope you know that.. =)


Thursday, 12 May 2011

just pick mew!!!!!!!!

hyep.. =P  where are you??? i didn't see you today.... like i's hard to breathe when i didn't see you... i swear..i feel like something different was because i didn't see you.. =) hahahah... =) be continued...

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

hey yah.. =)

it's kinda weird but..i wanna talk about you...erm..i see you at school...i like your's very awesome.. =) very very awesome...i love it!!!!!!!!! very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  much!!you make me 'dumbfoundedfor a's cute..and your smile.. =)  it's seems  like run and flow through my was awesome... i love it.. =) i can't stop thinking 'bout your hair and your smile.. =) was adorable..i like's more than i can say.. it was awesome.. =) trust me!!!!!! 

     're very awesome..amazing..adorable..i hope you'll know this post is for ya.. =)i mean it.. =)do you want to know something???the first time i saw you...i feel something's like you've change something...if you wanna know something...just ask me..i'll answer all of it.. =)but can you promise me something??? promise me..if you see me..please say hi,,,i really wanna hear you talk...and..i bet it's me!! just trust me!!! and...i hope i can watch your cute face everyday... ;) i like your eyes...your hair...and importante...i like your hair...your do you make me adrift in your...i like it.. =)you're awesome.. =)

       one thing...if i had a power..i don't wanna let you far from me.. i don't wanna be apart with you.. ;)  all my life i'll be woth you forever!! cuz when i with you..everything can be okay.. =)i can breathe if i'm not see you in one day./...i dk how to life without you boy... =) thnx thank you for appearing in my're very mean to me..very very.. thnx again.. =)


my new POST!!!!!!!!!!!

this post is 'bout one guy.. =)and one girl.. =)..idk??/
be continued on next post!! =) wanna take a short rest.. =)
=)  see ya!!!!!!!!

 have a good time.. =)   see yah!!!!!!1

Saturday, 7 May 2011

hey there!! where are you???

hey..thnx for talk to me last night!!!  you're very kind.. =) thnx for say goodnight to make my night been very awesome... =) I never forget what you told me to was awesome...thanks/// and..can you read this?? if you notice this post is for you..i want to say thanks a lot!!! you're very kind.. =) you've make my day become very happy...when i see your smile.. =) if eel very awesome...i like your was awesome.. =) i wanna touch your hair..hakhahahaha...just have a nice hair!! i like it!! =)..awesome..awesome...

hey.. =) i'm back!!! =D

hey,.. =D  hi....,..
wht should i do to make you realize wht you mean to me??? you are so mean to me..i'll be all that you want..hbhahahah..i'm bored!! and i really want you to know..that i..idk???

      nothing i could say to you...=D
      nothing i could ever do to make you see... =D
      what you mean to me...=D 

attention!!!!!!!! this is just a post..and idk wht to say???? 
              ^_^ thnx for read!!!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

this is a story about a girl and a boy!! =) read this!!! =)

this is a story about this girl..she is hoping that the boy knew that she liked that him .. but .. the boy did not know ...and..she had to say something..that girl wrote something on her diaries..

     hey boy.. =) i want you to know's hard to say...i like do not know that because i didn't tell you...and.. i wanna say something..
            i wanna talk to you.. =) like you...and if you know that..i hope you're happy..and..if you see me or saw me..please say 'hi' to me..maybe it is for the first time you say 'hi' to me is the last time you say 'hi' to me.. ='( i'm sorry...i didn't tell you..may be i'm not for ya...last night..i've a dream about you.. that dream..i am..sorry i can't tell you're awesome...actually...maybe this is a last text for you..i won't write any later to you...about you ...may be i can't see you again...i'm sorry...maybe it was the last time you smile to me.. =) it's the last time..and..i hope..i will live longer..because i love to see your smile..there's no one can make me you make me happy..i'm sorry...i wish i can be with you forever for the rest of my life.. 
            .maybe when you're reading this letter I went away ..far away...and .. do not be sad because all of this  are not of your was because...of one thing...i can't tell you that thing..i'm sorry...and..REMEMBER!! please say 'HI' to me...may be it was for the LAST time you say 'HI' to me..i am very sorry...


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

my oral test!!!

hey there,,,talk about my oral test!!'s funny and weird...and i don't know why??? and..we're divided into  group...and..and we have to present a  drama entitled 'Sleeping Beauty'..and  we're not  prepare to do that drama.. =)and..we're very very surprised because we did not think we will be the first present that drama.. =)and..We were given five minutes to do the last discussion ...and..after that...We had to make a spontaneous ...and..yeah!!! we made it!!!  we're very happy..=)
          talk 'bout the marks i get it highest..yeah..thank god!!...awesome.. =)  good luck!! *to another group.. =)


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

hey you!! and i........

hey.. =) how are you?? i saw you i want you to know that...but i can't tell you...bcoz ..i know you can't answer..and if you 'can' answer that...i wanna know...wht's the answer of that thing...i always thinkin' 'bout know?? i really hope you know that...please understand wht i have said to you...and..idk wht to say..i just want you to know and...

             do you know?? wht i wanna say??? i bet you understand wht i said at that day..i really mean that...and i hope you kknow..


Monday, 2 May 2011

hey boy.. =P i wanna know your answer...wht???

hey..i'm really really bored at here...and..i really wanna know your answer about the thing that i have talk to you this evening,,,can you give me your answer....i am really serious with that...and...i'll wait for you to answer it... =) i'll wait...and wait..and wait,,,and wait and wait...and..wait ..untill you answer...and i'm're not okay with that thing. =) and.. i really hope you like it!! thnx're my apple to my pie,,,you're my butter to my're the only one for me..and.. idk wht to say.. =) thnx boy.. =)

                 it's just a post,,don't mind 'bout it....
                 and if you realize it...i wanna said..
                 i like you...and thnx for be my friend,.. =)


Sunday, 1 May 2011

i'm never let you go...

i am bored!!
what i wanna write for today???? hmm....actually i wish you online you 'fb' but you're not..and..i wanna talk to you,,,and i have to talk to you.,,,but..i afraid..hahahha...when...*idk wht to say...
it's hard..and..i almost told you that i like you...and..i didn't told you...right...i know that i like you..and idk wht to say...i'm sorry...