Wednesday, 11 May 2011

hey yah.. =)

it's kinda weird but..i wanna talk about you...erm..i see you at school...i like your's very awesome.. =) very very awesome...i love it!!!!!!!!! very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  much!!you make me 'dumbfoundedfor a's cute..and your smile.. =)  it's seems  like run and flow through my was awesome... i love it.. =) i can't stop thinking 'bout your hair and your smile.. =) was adorable..i like's more than i can say.. it was awesome.. =) trust me!!!!!! 

     're very awesome..amazing..adorable..i hope you'll know this post is for ya.. =)i mean it.. =)do you want to know something???the first time i saw you...i feel something's like you've change something...if you wanna know something...just ask me..i'll answer all of it.. =)but can you promise me something??? promise me..if you see me..please say hi,,,i really wanna hear you talk...and..i bet it's me!! just trust me!!! and...i hope i can watch your cute face everyday... ;) i like your eyes...your hair...and importante...i like your hair...your do you make me adrift in your...i like it.. =)you're awesome.. =)

       one thing...if i had a power..i don't wanna let you far from me.. i don't wanna be apart with you.. ;)  all my life i'll be woth you forever!! cuz when i with you..everything can be okay.. =)i can breathe if i'm not see you in one day./...i dk how to life without you boy... =) thnx thank you for appearing in my're very mean to me..very very.. thnx again.. =)



sazsya flewz said...

=) my cutie boy.. =)