Thursday, 9 June 2011

hey girll i'll forgive big deal.. and BOY!! =) thnx for your advice,,, =)

hey...i wanna say thank you for your advice...*iman badela.. =) 

   okay,,,,this is about my old post..*about my best friend...okay..i forgive you friend..i'm a worst person ever in da worl if i lost you as a best don't have to sorry cuz it's my fault still need to say soory to me..brhhrhr...just's true.. =) ...behhehe.but i'm glad and happy cuz i have a good friend like ya!! yeah..okay... 

     so...thnaks again.. =) *it's for one boy...he's very awesome..he's very nice...i like his smile...his hair!!!!it was awesome...he's the most kind boy ever that i've ever know!!!'s true... i mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s true./// =)  thank you boy!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

i te gusta ..

i te gusta ..
oye chico .. me gusta, para no .. ¿alguna vez pidiendo que lo más correcto? lo siento

i'm sorry..a little bit sick of spanish...i'm bored..officially..i'm not to good in spanish need help..someone that can speak spanish please follow me..or someone that have a friend or a person that can speak or teach me spanish.please follow me.. technically i really like was awesome for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  okay..Go!! spanish Go!!!!!!! behehhe so.. that's really idk..k bye...


Monday, 6 June 2011

for ya!!!

i like ya!!!!!!!
thnx to my friend cuz tellin' ya!!!!!!!!
i'm just wanna say goodnight..i've nuffin to say..i like you..your pic was very cute i love it...the way you eat..the way you smile..all of your act i like it! ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ALL!! i MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!  if you understand this please say it to me!!!!!!!!!!  this word!  --> TE AMO...
pleas say it to me! i might be smile for a years!!!! talk to ya later! <3

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

behehhe.. =0

                  i wanna talk about one guy...i like him..he know that..but i don't think that he like me.. :'( feels wanna cry..and don't wanna stop from cry..bhuhuhuh////i really really like him.. =P ..but..if you read tthis post..please understand it..i really really like you..i like you a was since i see you don't know that i like to see you from far...bhehe..cuz you're're're sweet ..i like your HAIR///it was awesome.. =)..i like to see,,.you when you are to see you when you're eating..when you're walking..but..i don't think that you feels the same way right??? but,.i will still like you.. i still care about you.. =) 

                       if i had a power..i wish i can make you like me..just like ...but..i can't cuz didn't have a ny power to make you like me.. =) so,..i don't know wht's you feels at there...and,,i just hope that you like me as i like was just a hope..and.i hope it was like me..i hope... an...can you understand it?? =)  

it's true okay!! i SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!  i like you..but i hope you care about that....and,,thnxZZZZZZZ

Saturday, 28 May 2011

i thought that you're my BESTFRIEND...but you're not..

this time i wanna talk about my best friend....i thought that you're my best friend..but you're betray me..i've said to you right...just shut up your muth and,,,don't disturb that person..but you keep watching him..honestly..i don't want to hate you....but you keep pushing me and you've made make me hate you absolutely..and congrats sweety stealer..'re stupid you know?? do you know that???  and...if you don't know..i wanna tell ya.. =P..that you're very stupid..and..i'm sorry for telling'm very sorry.. =P ..he's really  mean to can't let him're my best friend,,but you keep betray keep disappoint me...that mean that you're not my best friend anymore..I had been patient about your attitude that is hurts my feeling for a long time ago can control your brain...and..i'm sorry.. :'( really really make me hurt..and CONGRATS!!!...i'm sorry....


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

hey boy...i mean that...

hey...i really like you..really really like you..i don't want another else..i've told you..but..but..i hope you understand that...this is the truth...i l_k_ you..ofcourse you can guess that right?? please??? i really mean that..but...i really hope that you understand that...hahahah :(...please????  i'm sorry..if i did anything wrong to ya!! sorry....sorry...okay..why you didn't reply that...i have do I was doing something wrong?..please forgive me???


Sunday, 22 May 2011

'bout my stupid weekend boy.. =P

ahahahaha...wanna talk about my weekend boy...but...i mean,,my hours by?? my minutes boy??  my second boy?? idk?? bhahahaha.....he hurt's me..hahaha...but..i'm happy...haha..congrats..and...i want you to know i love you a little bit..but a lot...idk? which one...but..i hope you're not living me okay??  may be i'll miss to talk to you.. hahaha..and thing...i'm okay and good to know that you love me..but you're different..from the other boy..and..idk why??and...i know's okay///you're mean everything to me... it's true...and..thnx for not living me...hahahah...i'm're my second choice..i've been waitin' for one person that i like.. =P

       i know that i wasting my time for that and...i still wanna wait for ya!!...bahahha..and if i could write a show how you really mean to me...=P

that's're really really really mean for me!!!!!!!!!