Wednesday, 1 June 2011

behehhe.. =0

                  i wanna talk about one guy...i like him..he know that..but i don't think that he like me.. :'( feels wanna cry..and don't wanna stop from cry..bhuhuhuh////i really really like him.. =P ..but..if you read tthis post..please understand it..i really really like you..i like you a was since i see you don't know that i like to see you from far...bhehe..cuz you're're're sweet ..i like your HAIR///it was awesome.. =)..i like to see,,.you when you are to see you when you're eating..when you're walking..but..i don't think that you feels the same way right??? but,.i will still like you.. i still care about you.. =) 

                       if i had a power..i wish i can make you like me..just like ...but..i can't cuz didn't have a ny power to make you like me.. =) so,..i don't know wht's you feels at there...and,,i just hope that you like me as i like was just a hope..and.i hope it was like me..i hope... an...can you understand it?? =)  

it's true okay!! i SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!  i like you..but i hope you care about that....and,,thnxZZZZZZZ